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Our school visits are catered around your children and can be adapted for different topics, which you may be studying. Most areas of both key stages 1 and 2 can be included, as the children become involved in the different activities on the farm. Our trips can also be designed around selected topics of key stages 3 & 4.

A Visit to highfields Happy Hens can last as long or as short as you want it to. We have a great deal of space for your own individual activities (such as games and/or walking around the farm at your own pace).

The farm is open Monday to Saturday 10am-5pm and trips are available throughout the week. All group visits must be pre-booked. Teachers are welcome to a free tour of the farm to help them plan the day, this must also be pre-booked to ensure that I am available.

For many years, Highfields Farm has been a refuge and a place for young people with learning disabilities, this makes it a very special and unique farm.

We aim to make School visits a very fun but real, hands on experience for children of all ages, no two trips are the same, as farm life differs from day to day!

Trips are charged from £4 November to February and £5 March to October. This includes the use of our function room for a meal/picnic, work area etc, a tractor and trailer ride around the farm, egg collecting and visiting what ever is happening on that day (eggs hatching, chicks, lambs etc) all of which is within your guided tour. If you would like the children to take home the 6 eggs they collect there is an extra charge of 85p per person

Please download our Primary or Early Years Pack for full information and booking form.

You may also use the picnic areas, the nature trail , the bouncy castle, play areas and the fields (for games). Sandwich boxes can also be provided for your trip at an extra cost and (please see information on the pack download).

Visiting Highfields Happy Hens can help you to cover many areas of the national curriculum, we can help with many topics, not just the obvious but others too, such as :


Features of Living Things

Easter Celebrations




Life Cycles

The Environment

Living Things

And many more…


There is ample opportunity for children of all abilities to ask and answer questions, there are also a great deal of information signs for us, or the children to read, this will help them to gather more facts about the farm and about the different animals. Younger children may also enjoy singing animal songs as they explore the farm.


The opportunity for exploring mathematics within your farm tour is endless, with counting eggs and animals, and estimating which egg is heavier or lighter. There is also great opportunity to explore shape and size. For the older children, they could estimate, and measure the area of different fields and or barns around the farm.


With most farm animals growing to be different sizes and having quite different life cycles, there are many ways in which science can be encouraged. At Highfields, our main aim is to teach the children where their food comes from, and how it is produced, this can lead to a great impact on each child’s scientific knowledge.

Henrietta's Nature Trail also provides a great opportunity for scientific conversation, with pond dipping. Also information and findings of other wild animals etc.


Farm land provides endless leadings to geography. There are so many things that the children can explore within the farming environment, that it could be quite difficult to choose which area to study. The Scary Crow Nature Trail is usually great fun for this.


If you are choosing to spend the day at Highfields Happy Hens, you may get an opportunity to allow the children to sit and draw a picture of a certain animal, machine or simply an area of the farm. If there is not enough time for this, you could encourage the children to take some photos which they can then draw back at school.

We are also looking into providing creative sessions as an extra for primary school visits, this will include basic creative ideas, such as, painting, drawing, collage etc, which will be based on their farm experience. (If you are interested in this, please phone for more details).


History can also be discussed whilst on your visit to Highfields, children could find out about the farming day/year, or they could simply compare how farming has changed over the years, including, the farm land itself, the animals and the machines.


Farms can sometimes be quite dangerous places, the children can look, and take part in all of the health and safety aspects which we have around Highfields. There are also many different machines which are used around the farm, these can be discussed and models can even be made back at school.

Religious Education.

Highfields Happy Hens can encourage discussion about different celebrations and festivals, such as Easter and Harvest Festival. You could also discuss the different foods from different religions.