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Our People


We have been privileged to get to know and help many young people over the years. Not all their stories are positive, but there are some wonderful cases of changed lives. We now regularly receive referrals from Derby Special Educational Needs Support Service.

Here are just three accounts from the hundreds of people who have been helped by the Highfields' experience:


16 years ago, our very first experience of fostering was a disaster. Claire nearly destroyed our family, with our own daughters badly affected and failing at school, and Claire herself being in and out of hospital having made several attempts to take her life. She is now married to a wonderful man and they have two children - the chain has been broken.


David came to us in lots of trouble - drinking, stealing cars and rebellious. When he arrived he couldn’t stand “religion” but following an attempt to take his own life he became a Christian. 10 years’ later David is a loving husband and father.


When Paul first came into our lives he was a very aggresive young man, and he needed some space to work things out. He moved around the hostels in Derby, being evicted for violence or drug related problems, and eventually came to live with us where we helped him through his theory and practical driving tests. Paul is now a van driver and engaged to a lovely young lady.