Highfields Happy Hens

Highfields Happy Hens


All the fun of the farm at your finger tips!

Highfields Happy Hens is an open farm set within the beautiful South Derbyshire countryside.

Come and take a leisurely walk around the farm and take in the peace and tranquility of the countryside - after your walk - why not have a cuppa (or more!) in our tea room!

On your way round have some fun on our chain walk, hop scotch and trampoline and if you've still got some energy left at the end – try out our play area (age restrictions apply) or our bouncy castle (available March to October weather permitting) or try out Henrietta's Tractor School!

There are lots of rest places and picnic benches on the way round so why not try our 'Tea Room Alfresco Menu' or bring a picnic and make the most of your visit.


17th August 2015

The core vision for Highfleds Happy Hens has always been, is now and always will be a refuge for young people who need a place to go.

We, Roger and Beryl have known for a while that it has become to big and complicated for us and it is time to pass it on, for the past 15 months we have been in touch with a trust with a big vision for Highfields, sadly they have been unable to raise the finance and have withdrawn – we are back where we were a year ago but have learnt a lot, we still need to find a trust that will take the vision forward but in the mean time a 35 year old project needs money spending on it and we need to reduce our mortgage.

We have a good team and a lot of experience so cheer up – Happy hens is alive and well and depending on God for the future.

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